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  • Rakas, Mohammed S. (University of Benghazi, 2020-01-01)
  • Rakas, Mohammed S, (University of Benghazi, 2017-08-02)
    The central issue taken up by this paper is the close relation between the concepts of 'Nativity' and 'Language Variety' (dialect).
  • Rakas, Mohammed S. (University of Benghazi, 2017)
    The topic explored in this study is a hierarchal intermediary level known in linguistics as Morpho-Syntactic level, to bridge Morphology and Syntax in languages.
  • Rakas, Mohammed S. (University of Benghazi, 2008)
    This paper has a two-fold aim: first, it tries to set up and examine the markings suffixed to the Tri-literal Perfect Verb (hence TPV) form in classical Arabic (hence CL). Secondly, it attempts to explore the phonetic ...
  • Rakas, Mohammed S. (University of Benghazi, 2008)
    This paper is structured as follows: The introduction sets up the inconsistent and unreliable relationship between the Standard English sounds and letters, i.e. between English phonetics and orthography.

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